• Due to the overwhelming requests to be placed on the COVID-19 vaccination wait list we are asking that at this time to please refrain from emailing the pharmacy requesting to be placed on the vaccine waiting list.
  • When spots become available we will reopen the application. Email requests are slowing down our processes and are preventing us from assisting other patients.
    • Please be patient and we will update this site as soon as possible when we are able to continue adding to the waiting list.
      • Thank you for time and understanding during these very uncertain and trying times we are doing our best to serve our community.

      COVID Vaccine

      Please read ALL directions below. This FAQ will be updated as new information is received. It was last updated on: 1/20/2021

      All Montgomery County Residents:

      At this time, Horsham Square Pharmacy's vaccine waiting list is full. Instead, please register with the county by clicking the button below, and completing their online form.

      Montgomery County Vaccine Pre-Registration

      All Bucks County Residents: 

      Please click the button to complete their online form.

      Bucks County Vaccine Pre-Registration

      Frequently Asked Questions

      Q: When will Horsham Square Pharmacy receive the vaccine?


      Q: How do I make an appointment?

      A: At this time, Horsham Square Pharmacy's vaccine waiting list is full. You can register with the county by clicking the button below, and completing their online form.

      Montgomery County Vaccine Pre-Registration

      Who gets the vaccine first?

      A: For updates on the current phases, please use this link below.


      What vaccine will Horsham Square Pharmacy be given?

      A: We will be getting the Moderna vaccine.

      Should I get the vaccine?

      Short answer – yes. For any vaccine to be effective, 70% of the population needs to be vaccinated for the vaccine to work as planned. Because all the vaccines are new, there is some data that will have to be reviewed. If anyone has a preexisting conditions or concerns, we will always lean on the side of caution until we have factual evidence it’s safe to administer. Some groups (as of now) that they do not have enough data about the safety of the vaccine are: Children (under 16), people with severe allergies, women who are pregnant, many other preexisting conditions. To stress again, we will advise any patient to wait for more information if we do not have the safety data to make an informed decision.

      What are potential side effects of vaccine?

      Side effects that have been reported with the Moderna COVID-19 Vaccine include:

      Injection site reactions:

      • Pain
      • Tenderness and swelling of the lymph nodes in the same arm of the injection
      • Swelling (hardness)
      • Redness

      General side effects:

      • Fatigue
      • Headache
      • Muscle pain
      • Joint pain
      • Chills
      • Nausea and vomiting
      • Fever

      Please see the Moderna Vaccine Fact Sheet for more information about the vaccine.

      Will my insurance pay for it?

      The vaccine is free for patients. Most insurance (included Medicare Part B) will pay us for the administration of the vaccine. The vaccine is shipped to us at no cost and we cannot sell the vaccine. All patients are eligible for the vaccine and our hope is that each insurance will reimburse us fairly for our hard work, time, and effort involved from start to finish of administering this vaccine.

      When would I get my second shot?

      We have the Moderna vaccine in stock. Second shot is recommended at 28 days from first dose.

      See links below for more information on the potential vaccines.

      Will I still need to wear a mask and social distant after I receive the vaccine?

      Yes! Until public health officials tell us otherwise, you will still need to follow the guidance put out by the County, State, and Federal government. There is ongoing research to see if someone who is vaccinated and protected can still transmit the disease.

      Where will the Vaccine be given?

      The vaccine will be given at our pharmacy.

      Checklist before your Appointment

      1. Read the “Covid Prevacination Checklist” and sign the first page.
      2. Complete The “Covid 19 Screening and Consent form” sign and date
      3. Make sure to have a photo copy of the following:
      • Driver License, State ID or Passport.
      • Medical and Prescription Insurance Card.
      • Proof of healthcare or frontline workers (professional license or employment document)

      Please come on time and wear a face mask or face covering before entering the pharmacy.

      If you are sick, DO NOT COME FOR YOUR APPOINTMENT. Please call our staff, so we can reschedule your appointment.

      Post Vaccine Resources

      1. Sign-up with v-sage for check up after your shot at v-safe (cdc.gov)
      2. Report side effects to help everyone learn more about the vaccine. You can report post vaccination side effects at Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS) (hhs.gov)