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Over-The-Counter (OTC) Hearing Aids

Horsham Square Pharmacy is pleased to announce the availability of professional, medical grade hearing aids that can save hundreds of dollars compared to hearing aids that once required a prescription.

According to Johns Hopkins Hospital, one in four people in their sixties, half of the people in their seventies, and 80% of everyone over 80 has symptoms of hearing loss. Research has shown that wearing hearing aids restores communication, keeps the brain engaged in processing sound, and helps maintain cognitive abilities.


A Complete Line of Hearing Aids to Meet Individual Needs

The Horsham Square Pharmacy team of trained pharmacists can meet the needs of any individuals suffering from hearing loss. The most popular hearing aid is a miniature device that has eight listening levels, sits discreetly in the ear, and is only $399 a pair.

A full line of hearing aids that are available, including models that offer advanced Bluetooth user control with the availability of self-testing and self-fitting artificial intelligence technology.


Free Consultation and Hearing Test

Every Horsham Square hearing aid customer receives a 30-day money back guarantee. Our staff of licensed hearing specialists provide a free consultations that starts with a free online hearing test, and unlimited hearing care for life.

For more information about our OTC Hearing Aids, call Horsham Square Pharmacy at (215) 674-5050.

We offer FREE HEARING TESTS and over-the-counter hearing aids by

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Light weight

• Nearly invisible

• Bluetooth enabled

• Rechargeable

• Preprogrammed

• 30-day free trial

• Free 2-year warranty loss and damage